Portraits with Lauren Burzynski | Shaffer Coffee Co, Murray, KY

Happy Humpday! How are y’all making it??? I’m over here catching up on work after going on vacation for a week. Also, I’m finally getting the house back in normal state (well, close…) and got the laundry done - loads of it! Now, if it will just fold itself, that would be great or it’ll have to wait.

‘Nuf about laundry… Let’s talk about this indoor shoot I did with Lauren. It was a gloomy day so the moody look and vibe was appropriate. What do y’all think of this editing style? Leave me a comment below.

I might be a little obsessed with how the photos turned out. And isn’t she gorgeous? If y’all need some fit inspo or healthy eating advice, I got nothing for yah but Lauren’s got you covered! You can get in touch with her over at www.laurenburzynski.com or via social media.

Location: Shaffer Coffee Co. | 404 N 4th St A, Murray, KY 42071