Studio Lifestyle Newborn Session | Murray, KY

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

Just a friendly reminder, please don’t forget to call me in 9 months if you need newborn photos!!! LOL

Kidding aside, check out this lifestyle newborn session that I did in December in my in-home studio! I’ve been wanting to share this for the longest time but just never got to do it. So here yah go…

Let’s start off with a few of big bro and baby sis photos, because it’s like the sweetest thing ever! Gets me every time! Don’t you agree?

Tiffany didn’t plan on being in the photos but I insisted, and I think she’ll thank me later for it. I didn’t have photos like these when my daughter was born, so I’m a tad bit jealous. And that’s part of the reason I’m so big on encouraging moms to be in front of the camera more.

Are you melting yet??? Ovaries hurting, maybe??? LOL Keep scrolling to see big bro’s amazing eyelashes AKA my dream eyelashes.

If you’re having a baby anytime soon, let’s chat and get you booked! If you live outside of Murray, KY or don’t feel like getting your house photo-ready, you’re welcome to come to my in-home studio! In case you’re wondering, when I say photo-ready, y’all basically just need to clear the part of your house close to your windows or clean certain areas/rooms in your house where you want to be photographed in. Because who’s got time to clean after just giving birth, right? I’m also a MOM, so no judgment here!

Also, I know that it can get a little crazy the first few weeks after having a baby, and you might not feel like dressing up or getting in front of the camera - BUT please, PLEASE, just do it! Don't let those precious moments pass you by. You’ll thank me later!

Just a heads up, I have very limited availability in March, April and May! My next 2 weeks is pretty open though - on weekdays that is! So, hit that contact button and let’s chat! Looking forward to hear from you… :)