The Lawson's | 6-Month Milestone & Family Portraits | Murray, KY Photographer

I loved photographing this beautiful family! I've been dying to share a few of my favorite shots from their session, so here you go - meet the Lawson’s!

Aren't they cute??? They're also super sweet! I totally loved photographing them and so honored to get to capture baby Josiah's 6-month milestone photos. 

Baby Josiah was such a trooper! He was still recovering from an ear infection but he never cried nor whined one bit! I mean, just check out those big smiles! And can we talk about his cute little outfits??? So freakin' adorable!!! 😍

Isn't he precious? We ended his milestone photoshoot with a warm FRUIT BATH! Yep, it's a thing! And it's the cutest! I will share some photos on my next blog post. AND, I will announce my first ever mini session, so you don't wanna miss that! Make sure you've signed up for our newsletter, if you haven't yet. You may do so at the end of this post.

Oh well, here's a sneak peek because I can't help it! 😍

What do y'all think? I know, he doesn't look impressed but I'm pretty sure he absolutely loved it! NO. TEARS. And no potty accidents so it was definitely a success! And bonus for mom & dad - now they know he loves oranges!!! LOL 😃